Christianity involves discipleship - being followers of Jesus. His parables are essentially about behaviour rather than correct belief. We seek to live out our Christianity by providing healing for people who hurt or are needy, and engaging with those have responsibility for, but who may be indifferent to, ensuring healing and support with human dignity.

We do this by supporting the wider church's efforts in this respect, by providing what resources we have for meeting some local needs, and by supporting each other in our individual efforts to live out the gospel.

In our profile we declare:

The three things we do best:

  1. Welcoming and nurturing: Include and minister well to new arrivals along with the needs of long term members, including the sick and elderly, as well as those seeking a fresh perspective on the Christian faith.
  2. Ministry with Children – pre school onsite; playground equipment on property; community park on site. CNUC has employed a children & family worker for the past few years and is open to continuing to do so.
  3. Interfaith and multicultural activities are a feature of our annual calendar

The three things we would like to do better:

  1. Work with other service groups or organisations in the community;
  2. Greater engagement with families and young people especially those with special needs
  3. Explore our contribution in the dialogue on the hard questions with the wider community

The Church Council has 6 “key objectives”. Each is linked to the theme of “Spirited Community”. They are listed in no particular order of priority, and their priority may change from time to time as circumstances/opportunities dictate. Each objective is under the oversight of a member of the Church Council.

  1. Volunteering (meaning volunteering our talents, both within the church and in the wider community)
  2. Pastoral care
  3. Social media initiatives
  4. Initiatives for Church services
  5. Outreach to the wider community
  6. Multiculturalism.